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Moug & Angie Mornings most recently aired weekdays from 5-9 on Seattle's STAR 101.5! We're John Moug & Angie Morales and we've been in Seattle since December 2021. We're real friends, we have a blast together on the air and on social media, and we love getting out and exploring our community, bringing our local flavor to everything we do on the show! In our time at KPLZ, we:

  • Increased ratings from #13 to #5 women 25-54 in the first 12 months
  • Maintained consistent Top 5 status women 25-54 all of 2023
  • Achieved #3 and #2 rankings among women 25-54 & 35-54 in July of 2023
  • Launched the 'Moug & Angie Mornings Toy Drive' collecting countless toys, bikes, cash and gift cards for local families in need, via a partnership we created with Salvation Army Northwest. In addition, our Toy Drive generated over a large amount of non-traditional revenue for KPLZ
  • Helped generate new local direct business via endorsements providing spec spots, spec videos and attended many client meetings/sales calls (in person and over Zoom)
  • Received Talent Coaching from the iconic Randy Lane
  • Created revenue opportunities through our on-air features and social media platforms

Moug (pronounced like vogue)

moug's past gigs:

Quick Intro:

  • 36 year-old newlywed and father to-be
  • Married to a psychologist and is an excellent communicator
  • Probably uses too many dad jokes but knows when it becomes corny
  • Likes outdoor activities that aren't too hot (ginger)
  • Driven to succeed because he wants to buy a boat one day (millennials don't buy houses)

real friends. real funny. real relatable!

MIX 106 (KCIX Boise/Townsquare Media) 2020-2021

  • Morning Host/Assistant Program Director/National Imaging Director for HOT AC formats/Digital Content Creator
  • Developed Show with Talent Coach Steve Reynolds, doubled station ratings in year one, doubled again in year two (2-book diary market)

91x (XETRA-FM San Diego/LMSD) 2018-2019

  • Creator & Host of "The Moug Show"
  • Launched & Developed Show with Talent Coach Tracy Johnson

98.5 KLUC (CBS Radio/Las Vegas) 2006-2018

  • Began in promotions in 2006 along with part-time on air, overnights, eventually nights/imaging & production and finally afternoon drive

angie (pronounced like phalange)

Quick Intro:

  • Angie's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom (of 2 boys)
  • Was going to become a teacher and then realized kids aren't her fav
  • More fun than most people
  • Social media queen, she'll get a selfie with you right after you shake her hand
  • Driven to succeed because she wants to not be broke, and because she loves doing this show!

people willing to say nice things:

Randy Lane/Superstar Talent Coach:

Steve Reynolds/ANOTHER Superstar Talent Coach:

JB King/Ops Manager at Audacy/Las Vegas:

Bryce Phillipy/Sales Manger Extraordinaire:

Charlie Gouge/Another Major Market Sales Manager to prove we make clients happy :

angie's past gigs:

MIX 106 (KCIX Boise/Townsquare Media):

  • Co-Host of Moug & Angie Mornings/Digital Content Creator
  • Developed Show with Talent Coach Steve Reynolds, doubled station ratings in year one, doubled again in year two (2-book diary market)

Univision Las Vegas:

  • Content Creator
  • Amassed a YouTube following of over 75k followers organically through her hilarious content

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